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My Bit Mine is one of my favorite mixes between a faucet and a game. To be honest I wouldn't play if you are only trying to get paid right away, but you can have a lot of fun playing the game and eventually it will pay off.

You start off mining your little mine where turns are time based. Every five minutes you enter the Capcha and hit the mine button. You harvest gold which you can trade in for upgrades to your mine and after a while you start mining a lot of gold, as well as iron, coal, and gems. You can keep trading them in for more upgrades, including better equipment, chambers for your miners to rest (increasing the time between which you need to enter the capcha), more miners to work your plot, or more availability of ore. You can also cash out your gold for bitcoin, but before you start making much you will have to upgrade for quite a while to make it worth while. If you can get your mine fully upgraded you can mine up to 300 gold per minute (30 satochi worth), but rarely have to retype the capcha and hit the mine button.

All in all it can be a lot of fun that in the long run can make quite a bit if you start cashing out later on, but I would consider it more of a game at first, rather then a faucet.

The owners of the site are also working on a new BitMine2 that will have better payouts and will function like an RPG game. If you get in now and build up your mine, your progress will transfer to the new game when it comes out.


Alien Faucet

The Alien Faucet is one of the most frequent and highest paying faucets on the internet today. Every 5 minutes you attack an alien. You get one of five random alien that will give you between 340 and 22950 satoshi, though of course it is weighted towards the lower paying aliens, but by percentage you will often get all but the highest paying alien if you play it enough. The biggest alien will one come along about every 1000 plays on average. Just playing this faucet in the background (checking, filling in the capcha, and clicking to attack) while I do other things on my computer every once in a while it is relatively easy to make 100K satochi in a week and possible to make several times that about per week. I have never gotten any stray pop-ups from the site and it have a nice clean design. As far as faucets go, it doesn’t get nicer then this.


Robot Coin Game

This is another faucet that is, in the beginning, more of a game then a faucet, but you can still use this one as a slightly lower paying faucet from the start. If you care to play along with the game you use the satoshi you earn to upgrade your attack level and you will end up earning more satoshi in the long run.

In this game you start in zone 1 and as you kill several robots you are moved to higher zones. In each successive zone, the robots get harder to kill, but also pay out more satoshi for the kill. The faucet resets every 7 minutes, and each time you attack the robot currently in your sites. It will take several round to kill off the beast, but then you get a nice reward, starting off with 1000 satoshi reward and as you go to ever increasing zones the aliens are worth 10,000 or more. You will upgrade your attack power with satoshi you have won at first only attacking for 20 hit points but working up to attacking at 600 points per strike. This helps a lot to kill the stronger robots, but as you finish clearing all the zones, you will go back to zone one and start over. With your higher attack level you can just roll through the low level robots and things get easier and easier. Eventually, after you have maxed out your upgrades you can earn massive satoshi and cash them out.

Robot Coin Game is more then just a faucet, and that help keep you interested and coming back for more.


Coin Engine

Looking to invest a few bitcoins and make a little money. How about trying to invest in faucets without having to build one yourself? Coin Engine is a site that allows you to put some of your bitcoin to action.

Create an account and add some currency. Coin Engine then takes a small portion of that to pay out rewards on faucets. In return they share a large portion of what they make from advertisers back to you. You can start off small and add about $1.40 USD worth of bitcoin (around 5,000 bits or 0.005BTC currently) or go as high as you want. Every day you can see they have used a few cents worth and show how much you have earned from advertisers. Once a month they will pay back all the money they used from you plus the amount you made from the advertiser’s payments. The percentage profit on the amount they used to pay out prizes tend currently to run about 30% or more on average. It won’t make you rich, but it is definitely a way to make your bitcoins work for you.




Some people seem to have a love hate relationship with Dogecoin right now, but regardless this faucet pays very well. The amount rewarded changes a little as the price of Dogecoin fluctuates, but currently is paying over 8 Dogecoin per hour plus every time you have a chance to win a huge jackpot (currently 844,000 Doge). Every hour you type in the Capcha and roll the dice. A random number generator picks a number between 1 and 10,000. If you get a high number you will earn a heck of a lot more then 8 Doge, but this is, to be honest, very rare, but even 8 Doge an hour adds up to a great amount between the weekly payouts. Compared to the Bitcoin faucets you actually make more with this faucet if you convert to USD.

So give the dice a roll every hour and see how much you can get with this higher paying faucet!


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There are a lot of ways to have your bitcoin wallet on your computer, normally requiring you have Bitcoin Core, and maybe another wallet program on your computer, but let’s face it, it is a pain to download the database and it does require a certain amount of knowledge to figure it all out.

Coinbase is an online wallet, and it makes dealing with your bitcoins online easy. You can manage payments on a web browser or with their free apps for your smartphone. You can also purchase more bitcoins from your bank account with very low fees. It does take, at least for me, about a week to get your bitcoins once you purchase them from your bank account, but it is simple once you have it set up. They are a secure and trusted company, and I use them myself.


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How would you like to chat with people and get pain to do so? With EasyBitCoin Chat you can do just that. As you chat points are randomly given out. The amount and frequency of receiving points is variable, but in the course of chatting you can earn chatpoints, which can then be converted into Bitcoins and sent right to you. The website also has other ways to earn bitcoins including their wall offers, a few games, and by visiting a webpage in their PTC (paid to click) section. To be honest this is still a young site and you may go on and see no one else in chat with you, but the concept is amazing and I have a feeling that this site will grow and soon lots of people will be chatting it up.



This website has a lot to offer for making free bitcoins. The main tab I use is the survey tab. For taking a survey that may take between 10 and 30 minutes, you will get paid normally between 1000 and 2500 BITS (between 100,000 and 250,000 satochi)! There is also an offer section where you can get paid for either filling out forms or buying stuff, but use a junk email address if you do those, because you will get spammed when doing these (make a yahoo account or something, just to do offers.) In addition, you can get paid when you make purchases from a few retailers, and there is also a job wall, though it is very rare that anything is up there currently. It is rare to see a site that pays so much for surveys, so check this one out.


Genesis Mining

Looking for a way to invest in mining bitcoins and other altcoins without buying your own equipment, paying for massive amounts of electricity, and heating up your house with the equipment needed to do it? Cloud mining is the answer.

Genesis is one of the most respected names in the business. They have server banks located all over the world and are one of the few that will allow you to buy “lifetime” contracts. You can also buy annual contracts that cost less, but with their lifetime contracts you can keep right on mining until it is no longer worth bothering to mine any types of altcoins. The investment to get started can be intimidating at first for many. The payouts at Genesis are daily, so every morning you will get a few more coins in your wallet. It can take months or even a year to get all more initial investment back, but with lifetime mining, everything after that is pure profit. If you use a credit card to place your order you will have to wait a month before they pay out your coins (but you get it all back after the month has passed) but if you pay with bitcoins, you start getting paid the very next day. It is nice to wake up and see a few more coins in your wallet. All maintenance fees come out before you get your coins, so you won’t even notice them being taken, but they are outlined in your contract very clearly as USD 0.0015 per GH/s and day.

Currently you can mine BTC, UNO, BTCD, DASH, LTC, DOGE, and ZET coin types and more will be added. You can easily change the way you mine from their site to allocate your hash power to mine in any configuration you wish. Change it anytime you want very easily. Genesis is always evolving their servers to remain the best in the business.

When you sign up be sure to use the code zCmo8j and you will get 2.5% off your order of any size hashpower plan.

Don't be intimidated by the initial page. Once you start the purchase you can choose to invest in as little as 0.05 TH/s for $22.49USD all the way up to 200TH/s for $78,000USD. You can also purchase more hashpower at anytime you wish right from the dashboard.

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This is a very powerful site to invest your money into many different types of altcoins! You really have to look around to see the power of it. Deposit any of hundreds of types of AltCoin and you can buy and sell for other types of AltCoin or FAIT. It is like a stock market for Coin. Fees are very low for trades and you get Cryptsy Points for your trades as well. Cryptsy points can be collected and you will gain a portion of the trade revenue the site makes every week, you can sell your points for BTC, or you can enter weekly drawing with them for some amazing prizes like mining equipment or computers.

If you want to be able to trade crypto currencies, there isn’t a more powerful site to do it that I have found then this one! You can even set hold prices (in other words set up a trade that will proceed once the price gets to a certain amount). Personally, I use Crptysy to trade and one other site ( to quickly look to see how the market is doing for many different alt coins to decide what to go for.

Remember that investing can be risky. Don’t invest more then you can afford to lose, but some people have made a small fortune trading in these currencies, and many have used Cryptsy to do it.

You can also send money back and forth on Cryptsy without any fees using a “trade key” with other Cryptsy members. It is a receive only address, so you can share it with anyone if you want to get donations, or even to have a fee free way to make a transaction with another Cryptsy member. If you get on Crypty and ever want to send me a tip, my trade key is bbd25f4376134255974d8268eca6fce3ae00619d .